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About DomeYield

Why Choose Us?

DomeYield is a cryptocurrency mining and yield farming platform that offers 2% - 5% daily returns for 180days, Withdrawals are made once weekly.

We offer a universal automated mining and yield farming on most cryptocurrency. Practical experience in the field of Manual trading and mining using the best experts since 2016 and upgraded to an automated meta platform in 2020 with continuous yearly upgrades which makes us to standout in the crypto space.

Why Chooose Us?

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

We store the vast majority of the digital assets in secured offline storage.

Instant Exchange

Protected by insurance

Stocks stored on our servers is covered by our insurance policy.

World Coverage

Industry’s best practices

DomeYield supports a variety of the most popular digital currencies.






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Meet Our Team

Andy Sant

Founder & CEO

Dan Kaul

Co-founder & CTO

Saru Matt

Marketing Officer

Cyrus Nato

Lead Product Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

DomeYield is an automated programmed mining and yield farming platform that offers 2% - 5% daily returns for 180days, with a one time weekly Withdrawals.
We reinvests and diversifies investors funds into different investment strategies to maximize and guarantee daily ROI. We are also using a new concept of investment methods such as Meta miner, Automated Yield Farmer (AYF), which should become one of the most effective investment concepts for generating high guaranteed passive income. The first tool of this type is the conversion of the masternode index to the AYF of the masternode.
The first step is to register, fund your account, subscribe to a mining plan and sit down as your investments yields by 2% - 5% daily.
To register, you have to click the "Sign UP!" button, and fill in your details to register.
You earn 2% as a premium investor or 5% daily as a Whale Investor. Your Invested Funds will be staked for 180 Days while it yields daily, weekly, monthly returns or you can compound for the mining/farming duration of 180 days. After 180 days your invested funds will be returned to your portfolio balance and you can successfully withdraw to your preferred crypto wallet/bank. You can also continue your investment with us swiftly.
Cryptocurrencies only.
Absolutely Safe. Our Database is protected with military grade security.

Accepted Payment Methods